What are the 4 Steps?

The Four Steps is a simple method – developed by Clint Baxley – that allows you find and identify negative thought and “flip” them. This process neutralizes the negative feelings that are associated with these thoughts and allows people to see things in a totally different way. We are conditioned to believe that our feelings come from certain situations in our life. “Not enough money, not enough friends, should have a different job, those people shouldn’t treat me like that, my mom shouldn’t have done that, etc…”. This makes it seem like we are victims to what is going on around us. The truth is though, that different people feel differently in the same kind of situations, so really it cannot be the situations that cause the feelings. By using the 4 Steps, we can find out what is really causing them and then let them go. This process results in more happiness and peace of mind, and on top of that, you start to get results that are happier and work far better.

I offer 1-on-1 calls to go through the four steps with together.